Take a Look at Brain Fitness

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I never used to give the concept of “brain fitness” much thought. After all, I was always able to recall everything on my to-do list (without having to physically write out the list) and I could rattle off phone numbers without looking at a directory or the contacts in my phone. I prided myself on my multi-tasking and gear-shifting prowess. But,… Read more »

Why We Think COPPA Compliance Matters

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One of the biggest concerns of not just parents but families, too, is whether the children in their lives are protected. Are they safe and being treated well in school, at their day care centers, at their friends’ homes, or wherever they go? When kids are little, we hold their hands as they cross the street…. Read more »

Have You Seen This?
“Online Summer Reading Options”

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Getting a good sense of all of the different reading program management tools that are available to libraries these days can’t be easy. But Karren Reish of Library of Michigan recently presented a helpful overview of many of the free and fee-based, online summer reading tools out there. She mentions Summer Reader from us at Evanced—as well…

Get the Facts on Summer Reader (and Wandoo Reader, Too!)

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“I heard I have to stop using Summer Reader now!” (Not true.) “I heard Wandoo Reader is just for kids.” (Nope!) “I heard you can’t use CSLP or iRead with Wandoo Reader.” (Not true!!) The summer reading rumor mill has been running at full speed lately, and we want to set the record straight about… Read more »

Need a Little March (and April!) Inspiration?

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One of our readers recently suggested we build in a little more lead time when sharing upcoming milestones and program ideas, so we’ll be doing that—starting now! Here’s a look at what’s coming up during March and April to help inspire some fresh spring programming and displays. (Ah, spring!) March Events NATIONAL WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH—According… Read more »

Robots, Superheroes and Squirrel Missions?

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If you’ll be at ALA Midwinter this week and you’re dedicated to improving children’s literacy levels, we encourage you to attend the “News You Can Use Session” with Matt Sheley and Lindsey Hill. “Robots, superheroes and squirrel missions: Conquer the factors affecting reading ability in school-aged children” will take place on Sunday, February 1 from… Read more »

Explore These February Milestones for Program and Display Ideas

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Need some quick program ideas for next month? Turns out, there’s a lot more to February than just Valentine’s Day and the Super Bowl. (February is officially Library Lovers’ Month. It is also (who knew?) “Return Shopping Carts to the Supermarket Month” and National Spay/Neuter Month, for instance.) Anyway, here are a few February milestones to… Read more »

How Quickly Can You Solve This Cute Puzzle?

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Maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to have a healthier work-life balance. Or maybe you can’t resist a good contest. Either way, we’ve got you covered.   See how quickly you can finish the online jigsaw puzzle (pictured above), take a screenshot of your solve time, and email it to us at hello@evancedsolutions.com, and you just might win… Read more »