Get More Room-Booking Power with Spaces

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Whether you currently use Spaces to manage your library meeting rooms or you’re just curious about this room-booking tool, we wanted to show you how you can put your best foot forward with Spaces. Using Images Assuming you’ve staged your rooms carefully, you probably have some decent shots to share with the room-booking public. There… Read more »

Slay Energy Vampires
for Surprising Savings

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You may think your library is pretty energy efficient, but chances are you can do even better in the energy conservation department—and you can save a surprising amount of money in the process! Purchasing Energy Star appliances for the break room and making sure the staff turns off the lights in areas that get very…

Guest Column: Mine Minecraft
for New Program Ideas

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Chances are, if you work with children or teenagers, you are familiar with the game Minecraft. The game has been around since 2009, which is ancient by software standards, but instead of fading into obscurity, it has retained a good degree of popularity over the last five years. This is due, in part, to the…

Navigate This Lengthy Labyrinth

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Grab a pencil—and your patience. Although it might not seem possible, there really is a way through this rather elaborate maze. Click on the image below to download our PDF, print it out, and give it a try!

Guest Column: Reading Is Reading

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“My son’s teacher won’t let him read graphic novels. He is supposed to read ‘real’ books.” “I don’t want her to read that—it’s below her level.” “Can you show me where your Lexile level 800 books are?”   We hear these statements at our library. (I’m sure you do, too!) These concerns tend to increase…

Create THE Go-to Events Calendar with the Newest SignUp Widget

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Whether the Red Cross is running a blood drive, the local senior center is offering free, drop-in tax advising, or the YMCA is throwing a fund-raiser gala, not every event can take place at the library. In fact, many libraries want to be at the center of community activities, but struggle to find a way… Read more »

Use Social Media to Identify Local Trends

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Coming up with compelling program ideas month after month can be a grind—especially if you’re not sure just what will get patrons in the door. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to identify what’s trending in your area, and you can use the insights you gather to inform your programming decisions. We’re going to discuss… Read more »