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Find Inspiration in These May Milestones

The month of May is positively packed with goings-on. Sure, there’s the usual stuff like Mother’s Day (May 10), Memorial Day (May 25), the Kentucky Derby (May 2), and the Indianapolis 500-Mile Race (May 24), but there’s a whole lot more that you might want to tap into for new passive displays, teen programming, or… Read more »

Integrate Your SignUp Calendar into Outlook, Google Calendar, and More

Did you know that you can integrate your SignUp calendar into your Microsoft Outlook calendar, your smartphone, or your Google Calendar? You can! If you are anything like me, you depend on your daily calendar to keep everything straight. Wouldn’t it be great to quickly add all of your events to your own personal calendar? Personal… Read more »

Guest Column: Try Space Science at Your Library

I remember as a kid watching Julius Sumner Miller on the local public broadcast channel. Professor Miller was known for his cool science experiments and awesome, Einstein-esque hair. (If you haven’t seen any of his episodes, be sure to look some up on YouTube. Professor Miller is really fun to watch and educational, too.) His… Read more »

Be a-mazed! (Yeah, we said it…)

How long will it take you to find your way out? Why don’t you grab a pencil and take a break? Click on the image below to download our PDF, print it out, and give it a try!

24 Free Resources to Save Time (and Your Sanity) This Summer

We don’t have to tell you that summer reading season can be kind of…insane. (But in a good way! Like the Christmas shopping season for retailers, we suppose.) Anyway, to help you get organized, be more productive, and even manage your stress levels, here are 24 free apps and other resources we thought you might like to… Read more »

Have You Seen This?
“Online Summer Reading Options”

Getting a good sense of all of the different reading program management tools that are available to libraries these days can’t be easy. But Karren Reish of Library of Michigan recently presented a helpful overview of many of the free and fee-based, online summer reading tools out there. She mentions Summer Reader from us at Evanced—as well…

Get the Facts on Summer Reader (and Wandoo Reader, Too!)

“I heard I have to stop using Summer Reader now!” (Not true.) “I heard Wandoo Reader is just for kids.” (Nope!) “I heard you can’t use CSLP or iRead with Wandoo Reader.” (Not true!!) The summer reading rumor mill has been running at full speed lately, and we want to set the record straight about… Read more »

We’d Like to Host Your Soapbox Rant! (And, Meanwhile, Have a Look at These…)

This is the 15th issue of our newsletter, The Cat and Cardigan. (Wahoo!) And, after recently taking a step back to look at the data, one thing is abundantly clear. Our guest posts are on top, when it comes to traffic, reader comments, and your average time spent reading an article. Of course, you’d rather hear from your peers… Read more »

Cryptogram: What’s Weirder?!?

A lot of people claim that games aren’t “productive,” and, you know what, maybe they’re right. But that doesn’t matter, because games are definitely fun! If you want to take a break and have some potentially productive fun, give this cryptogram a shot. (Never solved a cryptogram before? Each numbered space corresponds to a letter… Read more »

What Have Our Software Developers Been Working On Lately?

The Evanced software development team has been coding feverishly to bring some new features and functionality to our SignUp, Spaces, D!BS, and Wandoo Reader products. Keep in mind that some of these items won’t be released until a little later in 2015, but we thought you might like a preview of coming attractions, nonetheless. Granular Permissions The… Read more »