Take a Look at Brain Fitness

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I never used to give the concept of “brain fitness” much thought. After all, I was always able to recall everything on my to-do list (without having to physically write out the list) and I could rattle off phone numbers without looking at a directory or the contacts in my phone. I prided myself on my multi-tasking and gear-shifting prowess. But,… Read more »

2015 ALA Annual Conference Recap

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So, not everyone was fortunate enough to make it to San Francisco for this year’s ALA conference. But don’t worry, we put together the next best thing! A lot of folks that attended the conference blogged, tweeted and … videoed about their experience, so we put a recap/mashup of all the best stuff we could… Read more »

Popularizing Pop-Up Libraries

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Suffolk Public Library Has Left the Building! Serving a population scattered throughout a 430-square-mile area—and doing it with just three physical library branches—isn’t easy, but that’s just what the Suffolk Public Library in Suffolk, Virginia has had to do. To cover more ground and reach new population segments, Assistant Director of Libraries Sarah Townsend decided… Read more »

Cryptogram: Why All Is Not Lost

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Oh, the humanity! Ever feel as if we’re doomed as a species? Maybe it’s time to take a break from your day-to-day, solve this cryptogram, and find out why we’re far from lost. Never solved a cryptogram? No biggie. Each numbered space corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. Figure out the right letter for… Read more »

Find Inspiration for Your August Events

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By the time August rolls around (and summer reading season finally starts to wind down!) you may be a little low on energy. That’s perfectly understandable. Nevertheless, the programming must go on! Here are some upcoming occasions to help inspire new library events and displays for August. NATIONAL READ-A-ROMANCE MONTH—August is officially National Read-a-Romance Month… Read more »

Make Your Summer Reading Program Really Count

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When it comes to the role libraries should play in their communities, Lisa McClure doesn’t mince words: “Librarians often don’t think big enough!” Formerly the Youth and Family Services Director at Hartford Public Library in Hartford, Connecticut, McClure now serves as Community Engagement Manager with the Libraries Division of Broward County in Fort Lauderdale, Florida—and… Read more »

See What’s Happening in July

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When your library’s in the thick of summer reading season, putting on extra programming or throwing together an interesting new display might not be at the top of your list of priorities. But, just in case you are looking for a little inspiration, here are a few notes and ideas for the month of July…. Read more »

Why We Think COPPA Compliance Matters

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One of the biggest concerns of not just parents but families, too, is whether the children in their lives are protected. Are they safe and being treated well in school, at their day care centers, at their friends’ homes, or wherever they go? When kids are little, we hold their hands as they cross the street…. Read more »