Celebrate J.K. Rowling’s Birthday with a Harry Potter Program

Posted by Susan M. Brackney

J.K. Rowling turns 49 on July 31st. Host a Harry Potter-themed event to commemorate the occasion—and hook new readers on her series. Need a little inspiration? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Harry Potter Book Club
If you need something quick, how about starting a simple Harry Potter book club? “There’s no magic to it, really. (No pun intended!) It’s basically just a matter of advertising to the kids who come into your library and scheduling it,” Librarian Jason Vey of the Millvale Community Library in Millvale, Pennsylvania said.

The Millvale Library’s Harry Potter book club is open to all ages and has been meeting since last fall. “They usually agree on how much they’re going to read during any individual week, and then they just get together and discuss the book,” he added. Book club participants are now cruising through Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Considering there are nearly 200 chapters in the Harry Potter series, it could take many, many months for your own Harry Potter book club to get through all of them.

Invite an Owl
Critical for communication and companionship, owls loom large in J.K. Rowling’s series, and they can attract quite a crowd in the library, too. If you have a local nature center, zoo, or wildlife rehabilitation program, reach out to see if you can arrange a visit.

Just last month, patrons packed the Baraboo Public Library in Baraboo, Wisconsin to see a great horned owl and a screech owl. And patrons also recently descended upon the Grand Haven Library in Grand Haven, MI to meet an owl and some other wild animals.

Harry Potter Trivia Contest
Let local Harry Potter ultra-fans shine with your very own Harry Potter trivia contest.

There are myriad quizzes online to help inspire you. Here are just a few:

The Random Harry Potter Quiz—Goodreads
How Well Do You Know The Harry Potter Books?—Buzzfeed
Harry Potter Quiz MEGA trivia all 7 books with over 100 questions—About.com Teens

And don’t forget to include some questions about J.K. Rowling herself. You might get some ideas for these here.

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