Cryptogram: What’s Weirder?!?

Posted by Stacia Lowery

A lot of people claim that games aren’t “productive,” and, you know what, maybe they’re right. But that doesn’t matter, because games are definitely fun!

If you want to take a break and have some potentially productive fun, give this cryptogram a shot. (Never solved a cryptogram before? Each numbered space corresponds to a letter of the alphabet. Figure out the right letter for every number, and you’ve solved the puzzle.)

Click here to get started or on the image below for an easy-to-read, easy-to-print PDF.


2 Responses to “Cryptogram: What’s Weirder?!?”

  1. Sheila Harmon

    Completed your Cryptogram. Fun. But there is a mistake on the word “because”. Letter S has a 14 below it which should be the number 8. S = 8 everywhere else. Only a librarian…

    • Vesone Dean

      …What do you mean…we meant to do that… 😉
      Thanks for pointing that out Sheila! We went ahead and uploaded the correct version. Glad you had fun with it 🙂


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