Mine These December Milestones for Quick Program and Display Ideas

Posted by Susan M. Brackney

Wait. It’s nearly December already?! Whether you’re really behind schedule or you’re just looking for a little inspiration, here are some upcoming milestones you can mine to create new passive displays or maybe even a fun, last-minute program. . .

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OPERATION SANTA PAWS—December 1-19 marks Operation Santa Paws, a public campaign to collect new pet toys, food, and other supplies to donate to area animal shelters and rescue groups. Make your library an official collection spot.

Want to get even more involved? Invite someone from the local shelter to present on volunteer opportunities and bring in an adoptable animal or two. (The American Kennel Club will host its annual AKC/EUKANUBA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP on December 13-14, so you could tie in to that event, too.)


bird-94957_640CHRISTMAS BIRD COUNT—Encourage patrons to become Citizen Scientists during the this year’s Christmas Bird Count taking place December 14-January 5. Started in 1900 by ornithologist Frank Chapman, this is the oldest wildlife census around.

Display birding guidebooks alongside binoculars and species checklists and invite a local birder to help kids and adults get started.


NATIONAL WRITE A BUSINESS PLAN MONTH—invite someone from your local business incubator or the Chamber of Commerce to share the ins and outs of developing a great business plan.

COOKIE EXCHANGE—December is the month for cookie exchanges. Why not display some of your most inspiring cookbooks, share staff favorite recipes, or host a public recipe swap?


booksHAPPY BIRTHDAY—From contemporary authors like Stephenie Meyer and Nicholas Sparks to old favorites, including Jane Austen and Joseph Conrad, several famous scribes share December birthdays. Mark the occasion with a passive display or choose a special title to share during December Book Club.

• T. C. Boyle—Dec. 2, 1948
• Ann Patchett—Dec. 2, 1963
• Joseph Conrad—Dec. 3, 1857
• Samuel Butler—Dec. 4, 1835
• Joan Didion—Dec. 5, 1934
• Calvin Trillin—Dec. 5, 1935
• Willa Cather—Dec. 7, 1873
• Ann Coulter—Dec. 8, 1961
• John Milton—Dec. 9, 1608
• Emily Dickinson—Dec. 10, 1830
• Edna O’Brien—Dec. 15, 1931
• Jane Austen—Dec. 16, 1775
• Arthur C. Clarke—Dec. 16, 1917
• Leonard Maltin—Dec. 18, 1950
• Tina Brown—Dec. 21, 1953
• Robert Bly—Dec. 23, 1926
• Mary Higgins Clark—Dec. 24, 1931
• Stephenie Meyer—Dec. 24, 1973
• Henry Miller—Dec. 26, 1891
• Sarah Vowell—Dec. 27, 1969
• Rudyard Kipling—Dec. 30, 1865
• Nicholas Sparks—Dec. 31, 1965

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