It’s Time for E-Commerce!

Posted by AnneMarie Chambers

A special e-commerce feature will be available in SignUp and Spaces, starting December 31st. For libraries choosing to purchase this add-on, our new e-commerce portal will enable patrons to pay their room-booking and event registration fees online with ease.

“The e-commerce feature makes it easy for patrons to have a modern payment experience and reduce the friction [on staff] that comes with registration and reservation payments,” said Evanced Product Owner Nate Dunlevy.

Want to know more? Some FAQs follow—and if you don’t see your question answered here, simply post it in the “Comments” section below. We’ll incorporate your additional questions into this post.


What is the charge for the e-commerce portal?

There is a one-time setup fee of $149.


If we currently have e-commerce functionality in Events and Room Reservation, will there still be a setup fee if we migrated to Spaces and SignUp?

The one-time $149 setup fee will NOT be applied to existing customers who already purchased e-commerce setup in the past. Also, unlike with Events and Room Reserve, there is no e-commerce maintenance fee in SignUp or Spaces.


When could I be able to start setting up my e-commerce portal?

You will be able to get started with the implementation process on December 31st.

When you are ready to implement, a member of our Implementation Team will reach out to you with a Quick Start guide. They will also be a resource for any questions you may have.


What payment gateway are we using?

Braintree Payments is the secure payment gateway that our system will use. It is a division of PayPal and a trusted international payment gateway.


Do I need to set up a payment processor at my bank?

No. Braintree acts as the processor and gateway.


Where does the money go, once a patron transaction is made?

The funds will go directly into your library’s bank account.


What is the deposit remittance schedule Braintree uses and what method is used?

Braintree will automatically deposit funds from your transactions into the bank account specified on your application.

Each credit card transaction goes through a few statuses before you will receive funds, mainly “Authorized” → “Submitted for Settlement” → and “Settled.” This payment flow reflects the stages of processing for card-issuing banks. As soon as the transaction reaches the “Settled” status, you’ll receive those funds within 2-3 business days for Visa, Mastercard and Discover transactions. American Express transactions will deposit within 4-5 business days after settling.


Our City Treasury requires documentation regarding the financial strength of the company holding our funds—how do we obtain a document from Braintree providing that information?

Braintree does not hold funds. It simply facilitates the transaction processing and depositing of funds. Braintree does have some documentation that proves their compliance of the PCI security standards—meaning that they securely store and process credit card information. You can download that document here: 2014_Attestation_of_Compliance_-_February_(Signed).


What credit cards are accepted?

Through Braintree, U.S. libraries can accept payments through PayPal and most credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner’s Club. Libraries outside of the U.S. can accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express payments.


Is there a minimum transaction amount?



Are there transaction fees?

Yes. Braintree assesses a 2.9 percent fee and a charge of 30 cents per transaction. An additional, Evanced-assessed transaction fee of one percent will apply as well. International customers will receive country-specific pricing from Braintree. Evanced will assess an annual fee for international customers through normal billing channels, rather than a per-transaction fee.


What about interchange fees?

There are no interchange fees.


Can refunds be processed?

Yes, refunds can be processed for patrons directly through Braintree.


How do I purchase the e-commerce portal option?

Send an email to requesting the new e-commerce portal. Please specify if the portal will be for SignUp, Spaces, or both.


Remember, if you have a question that wasn’t answered here, you can include it in the “Comments” section below.

2 Responses to “It’s Time for E-Commerce!”

  1. Dan Lee

    Is the Evanced 1% transaction fee an invoiced fee, or is it deducted directly from the patron transaction? In other words, are we billed that 1%, or are our bank deposits just automatically 99% of what we charge our patrons?

    • Vesone Dean

      Hey Dan!
      The last part of your question is correct, your bank deposits will be 99% of what you charge your patrons.


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