Educational Apps for Holiday Travel

Posted by Pea of Sweetness

“The weekend before Christmas is just a couple days away. Are you preparing for a trip out of town? Whether by car or plane, kids get antsy quickly and we start to hear that all too familiar “Are we there yet?”question over and over again. Are you prepared to keep your child(ren) entertained? Many cars now have built in televisions like our SUV, but let’s be honest, just watching movies isn’t ideal when there are so many opportunities out there that are both entertaining and educational!”

Educational apps are a great way to keep children both entertained and engaged in learning while having fun as well! I was recently introduced to Evanced Games. They offer a variety of educational apps. They strive on not only making learning fun but also creating fun from learning. They put a lot of work into making their apps fun in the way that kids want to learn!

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