24 Free Resources to Save Time (and Your Sanity) This Summer

Posted by Vesone Dean

We don’t have to tell you that summer reading season can be kind of…insane. (But in a good way! Like the Christmas shopping season for retailers, we suppose.)

Anyway, to help you get organized, be more productive, and even manage your stress levels, here are 24 free apps and other resources we thought you might like to know about. After all, even if it’s just a resource that saves you from having to hunt around for a stock photo, every second counts! Hopefully, some of these will make this summer a little easier.

OK. Let’s get to the FREE stuff!


Just Breathe

When things get crazy, these apps will help you mellow out a little.

HeadSpace Meditation app Meditation made simple
iPhone app | Android app | Website

Calm Meditate, Sleep, Relax
iPhone app | Android app | Website

Breathe2Relax A portable stress management tool
iPhone app | Android app

Take a Break Let the stress melt away
iPhone app | Android app

Keep Things In Order

Keeping Things in Order

Some cool to-do list apps to keep everything in line

Todoist To-do list and task manager
iPhone app | Android app | Website

Wunderlist To-do list, reminders, errands
iPhone app | Android app | Website

Any.do Best to-do list & task manager
iPhone app | Android app | Website

Trello Keeps track of everything


What’s Trending?

Search for topics that are popular in general or near your library

Google Trends Visual way to look at what people search on Google
Twitter Search What people tweet about in your area
Keyword Search Cool way to find popular keywords

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizers & Editors

So that you don’t have to open up Photoshop every time you want to edit an image—or, hey, if you don’t even have Photoshop!

Compressor.io Compress and optimize images for the Web (up to 90% size reduction)
Canva One of the best image editors for the non-designer
Skitch Use annotations, shapes and sketches on your images
Meme Generator Make your own memes

Stock Photo Sites

Free Stock Photo Websites

These aren’t your grandma’s stock photo sites

Unsplash Amazing stock photos that you can do ANYTHING with
Gratisography Very cool high-res images
Death to the Stock Photo Free stock images delivered to your inbox every month
PicJumbo Free stock photos for commercial and personal projects


Bookmarking & Annotations

Cool tools to keep your place in the articles you’re reading and places to store them for easy access

Diigo A multi-tool for knowledge management
Markticle Mark your reading progress in articles, so you can continue reading them later
Pocket Save articles, videos, and links you want to view later—all in ONE place

Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps

These apps work so well, it’ll upset you.

Cold Turkey (Windows only) Save time. Stop procrastinating.
Self Control (Mac only) A free app that helps you avoid distracting websites

Well, that’s it. If you have some cool apps and resources that you routinely use, let us know in the comments. And if you know someone that could benefit from some of these tools, send them our way!

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  1. Ellen

    Hi – this “24 free resources” is the best tip I’ve gotten from these newsletters!

    • Vesone Dean

      Thanks Ellen! We definitely plan on doing more of these lists posts, it’s just easier to have a curated list of cool resources. We were inspired by a post that went viral on Medium called ‘300 awesome free things for entrepreneurs.’ There are some useful things there too http://freebie.supply/all 🙂


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