Get a Head Start on Your Summer Reading Setup

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Yay! It’s January, so, first off, Happy New Year! And second, it’s cold—and getting colder. So, it’s a safe bet that you didn’t wake up this morning and immediately think of summer reading.


However, if you put a little time into it now, you’ll be thanking yourself by the time summer rolls around.

That’s why we recently put our Support Team on the hot seat. We asked them to identify the top questions they get about our classic product, Summer Reader, and our newest addition, Wandoo Reader.

Here are the FAQs they shared, along with training videos to help you get a serious head start on your summer reading season. We recommend that you open your program and watch the video at the same time, if you want to follow the tutorials step-by-step.

PRO TIP: You can easily do a split screen if you’re on a PC, by clicking on a window, holding down the “Windows” button and clicking the right or left arrow.

If you’re a Mac user, you an use this.

Now for the Summer Reader FAQs!

How do I clear my data from a past program?

The video below will explain how to clear data in detail.

PRO TIP: Before clearing your data from your other programs, export all your patron data first and save it for your records. Then, when you’re prompted to “Delete All Programs Records,” select “Delete All Program Records (Including Patrons).”

How do I change the registration form?

Turns out, we have a video for this, too—however, this one starts out already within the “Program Registration” portion of Summer Reader. So, here’s how you get to that “Program Registration” setup area. . .

Where are the CSLP templates for this year?

The CSLP templates will be available in the spring of 2015—probably around March. If you’re interested in the templates, please contact Support and they will provide you with templates as soon as they become available.

Can I change the language or text on my program?

Yes! If you follow the steps in the video below, it’ll show you how you can change the text within specific pages of your program.

Can I change the color of specific words?

Hmmm. . . Nearly every editable text area in Summer Reader is HTML-enabled. So, if you’re familiar with in-line CSS coding , then, yes, you can change the text color, but, other than that, changing text color isn’t support by Evanced.

Can I change logging types after a program has started?

Once the program has started, you cannot change logging types. That’s mainly because you already have patrons using your current logging type.

Is there a mobile site?

When a patron visits your site via their smartphone, they’ll be automatically redirected to the mobile version of your site. There’s no setup or additional configuration needed on your part.

Can I turn off the requirement for passwords?

Passwords are required for all logins and cannot be turned off.

How do I set up prizes?

In order to set up prizes, you first have to enable prize setup in your program. You can do this by scrolling down to “Primary Prize Settings” and clicking the “Yes” radio button.

The next step is setting up your prize intervals. There are four options for this step. You can choose “Linear,” “Non-Linear,” “Daily,” or “Manual” prizes, and below is an explanation of each type of setup.

Linear – Awards prizes for every X number of log units completed, capped by number of prize levels. Can be weekly, monthly or calculated over the course of the whole program.

Non-Linear – Allows prize intervals to be set at irregular intervals, entered with commas. For example, a prize can be awarded for every 2, 5, and 10 books read. Entered as 2,5,10. Can be weekly, monthly or calculated over the course of the whole program.

Daily – Awards prizes based on how many times a patron hits their Daily Goal. Can be entered in irregular intervals using commas (see above). Also, be sure to set the minimum daily goal.

Manual – Set the number of prize levels possible. Staff then manually control log progress and award prizes.

Now, Alex will take it away in the video below that explains how to set up the names of your prizes, prize messaging, etc.

Now let’s jump into a couple questions about our newest product, Wandoo Reader!

What are the differences between Summer Reader and Wandoo Reader?

Summer Reader is a much older and highly configurable software platform that enables reading logging, the awarding of prizes, and very robust reporting.

Wandoo Reader is a brand new software platform that is simpler to set up and manage. In addition to much of the same functionality that Summer Reader affords, Wandoo Reader features a clean, mobile-friendly interface suitable for all ages. (Here’s a sneak peek
at the interface!)

Want to capture young or reluctant readers’ attention? Wandoo Reader also includes an engaging story, gamified elements, and a new theme that changes annually, so you have the option to use Wandoo Reader as both a reading tracker and a kids’ game. (Take a guided tour here!) Also, libraries using Wandoo Reader have access to all past themes, and may use whichever they prefer in a given year.

Here’s a fairly comprehensive chart on some of the main differences between Wandoo Reader and Summer Reader.

Feature Summer Reader Wandoo Reader
All-Ages Programs Yes Week of April 20th
Privo Certification No Yes
Logging Types Anything Books, Pages & Minutes
Simple Setup No Yes
Mobile Interface Mobile Redirect Responsive Website
Display Event Feed Yes Yes
Prizes Yes Yes
Random Drawings Yes Yes
Certificates One Per Program Unlimited Per Program
Badge-Ability Difficult Easy
Game Interface No Yes
Social Media Sharing Facebook Week of April 20th
Mission System No Week of April 20th
Reviews Yes Week of April 20th
Activity Tracking Yes, With Caveats Week of April 20th
ILS Authentication Yes No
CSS Customization Yes – Unsupported No, API Available in 2016
Language Customization Yes No
Multi-Lingual Yes Future Development
Robust Reporting Yes Week of April 20th
In Library Registration/Logging Yes Yes
Staff Role Permissions Yes Week of April 20th
Display Program Theme Banner Yes Week of April 20th
Staff Dashboard Yes Week of April 20th
Public Review Display Yes No. Uses Social Media Sharing
Review Comments Yes No
Family Registration Yes Yes – Via Parent Account
Group Registration Yes Available in 2016
Display Useful Links Yes Week of April 20th
Lasting Patron Record No Yes
Post-Program Logging No Yes
In-Program Email Service Yes No
Customizable Notifications Yes Fixed Notifications
Parental Opt-Out No Yes
Full Parental Control No Yes
Run Multiple Programs Yes Week of April 20th
Custom Registration Form Yes Limited

If I already have Summer Reader, can I run Wandoo Reader, too?

Yes. You’ll want to contact Sales for specifics, but here’s a general idea of how pricing would go for existing Summer Reader customers, if you decide to run both programs at once.

The price to add Wandoo Reader is annual and varies, depending on your service population. Current Summer Reader customers: you can expect the price to add Wandoo Reader to be what the list price maintenance fee would be for you, if you had purchased Wandoo Reader outright.

Still have questions about Summer Reader or Wandoo Reader? You can search our Knowledge Base for technical articles, submit a specific question here, or simply contact Support.

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