8 Responses to “Integrate Your SignUp Calendar into Outlook, Google Calendar, and More”

  1. Carlie Hoffman

    Is there a way to make specific events on a calendar iCals so that library patrons can just click a button and it gets added to their personal calendars?

    • Vesone Dean

      At moment there isn’t a way to do that 🙁
      However that feature is one of the next things we’re working on!

  2. Tim Hite

    I followed the instructions for Google Calendar but it only added today’s SignUp events. Any ideas how I can add the full feed? Thanks!

      • Tim Hite

        Thanks! Is the import static or will the feed update as events are created or modified in SignUp?

        • Susan Brackney

          Here’s a link which might help answer your question: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/outlook/calendar-import-vs-subscribe

          And here are some details from that article:
          “Subscribing to an iCal is a good way to track events that change frequently, like movie times, or a school calendar. Whenever the owner of an iCal you’ve subscribed to makes changes to the events, Outlook.com updates your calendar. Note that this update can take more than 24 hours.

          “Websites for theatres, sports teams, and schools often have an Add to calendar link that you can use to download an iCal. You can also search lists of iCals at iCalShare.”

  3. Melanie Wilson

    Is it possible to create a calendar that shows Spaces reservations? I attempted using the event type id for Spaces events but I’ve had no luck importing this calendar to Outlook. I’m excited about this feature. Thanks for the article.

  4. Susan Brackney

    Hi Melanie,
    That isn’t currently a possibility, but we are working on adding that functionality now. Stay tuned!


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