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  1. Bruce Baber

    Not ready to migrate. We have a ton of information for each reservation. Some reservations are 2 years in advance. We would be happier if all the reservations and all of the info would migrate to the new system.

    • Dawn Hubbard

      Hi Bruce! Thanks so much for your comment. I can really appreciate your concerns about migration. I think I can clarify some of the information for you and help to ease your mind! I plan to call you today so we can talk in more detail about these questions and concerns. Thanks, Bruce! I look forward to speaking with you! 🙂

  2. Jeremy G

    We won’t be migrating until after the Room Reserve to Spaces migration tool is tested. Looking forward to the move, though!

  3. Laura M

    We use the equipment reservation module as well as the room reservations. Will we still be able to reserve equipment seperate from the rooms?

  4. Tracy

    Thanks for your question Laura! Currently, in Spaces booking equipment independent of a room is not possible. However, we do have it on our radar for development. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to support with additional questions. Tracy 🙂

  5. Brendon Kozlowski

    Just checking in as this seems the most logical (public) place to ask:

    Is the Room Reserve -> Spaces migration tool fully vested and in production yet?

    Are equipment items able to now be independently booked in Spaces yet?

    Are there any features that Spaces/SignUp don’t yet have that the other, older versions still offer?

    Thank you!

    • Susan Brackney

      Hi Brendon,

      Thanks for checking in. To your questions…

      The Room Reserve-Spaces migration tool is in the final stages of testing.

      Unfortunately, it is not possible to independently book equipment in Spaces, and we are not pursuing adding this functionality at this time.

      Lastly, here’s a full comparison of features offered in Events and SignUp: http://kb.evanced.info/article.php?id=490
      and here’s a breakdown of features offered in Room Reserve and Spaces: http://kb.evanced.info/article.php?id=615

      Take care,

  6. Karen Long

    If we do the migration before the dual migration is ready do patrons also lose their information that could be stored in the Current Rooms? That could affect our decision as to when to migrate.

    • Susan Brackney

      Hi Karen,

      Thanks for your question. Until our dual migration tool is ready, you wouldn’t be able to migrate your data from both SignUp AND Spaces.

      Instead, if you wanted to migrate before the dual migration tool is complete, you would have to choose to use either the individual SignUp migration tool or the individual Spaces migration tool and you would have to start fresh with the other remaining product. So, if you chose to migrate your Events data to SignUp, you would have to start fresh with Spaces. Or, if you chose to migrate your Room Reserve data into Spaces, you would have to start fresh with SignUp.

      I do have some good news regarding the dual migration tool: it is in testing now. That means it will be released soon.

      Hope this helps!
      : )

  7. Sandy Petrie

    We really want to migrate, but since dual migration tool is almost ready, will wait. Once question I have is about a monthly calendar. Currently with events and room reserve we can actually see and print a monthly calendar that has ALL events and meetings on it. Is that possible with new platforms? I see the events calendar, but nothing with both.

  8. Susan Brackney

    Hi Sandy,

    Thanks for your question. We are in the process of revamping the calendar in the new platforms and will be offering a whole host of new features, including a solution to that particular issue. Hopefully, this helps?…



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