Need a Little March (and April!) Inspiration?

Posted by Kim Woodhouse and Susan M. Brackney

One of our readers recently suggested we build in a little more lead time when sharing upcoming milestones and program ideas, so we’ll be doing that—starting now!

Here’s a look at what’s coming up during March and April to help inspire some fresh spring programming and displays. (Ah, spring!)

March Events

NATIONAL WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH—According to the National Women’s History Project, the theme for National Women’s History Month this year is “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives.”

Have a university or college nearby? Why not invite a history professor or grad student to present or look for a local performer from your state to bring women’s history to life?


carrots-155714_640NATIONAL NUTRITION MONTH—The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics promotes National Nutrition Month each March as well. Check out its suggested reading lists for books in your collection to display and contact your area hospital to invite a local dietician to share the latest eat-this-not-that sort of information. (By the way, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics site also features some interactive games and quizzes, so you might look at those, too!)


YOUTH ART MONTH—Sponsored by the Council for Art Education, Youth Art Month exists to “direct attention to the value of art education which develops divergent and critical thinking; multicultural awareness; and technical, communication, and expressive skills.” You could make some space in your teen or children’s area to host a youth art exhibit—complete with an art opening “gala,” if you’re feeling fancy.


red_cross 1.28.21 PMAMERICAN RED CROSS MONTH—March is also American Red Cross Month. You could partner with your local Red Cross chapter to have a blood drive somewhere in your library, if you have the space. You could also feature CPR instruction a few times during the month.


InsurgentMARCH MOVIE RELEASES“Insurgent,” based on Veronica Roth’s Divergent series, will be released on Friday, March 20.

And “Serena,” based on Ron Rash’s novel, comes out Friday, March 27. (But, if early reviews are to be believed, maybe patrons will just want to stick with the book…)


TEEN TECH WEEK—Don’t forget March 8-14 marks YALSA’s Teen Tech Week! This year’s theme is “Libraries are for Making” and you’ll be able to get some free downloads of themed posters, bookmarks, and such here. (Feeling social? Use the hashtag #TTW15 to help publicize your Teen Tech Week programming.)


TOLKIEN READING DAYThe Tolkien Society recognizes March 25 (the fictional anniversary of the fall of Sauron and Barad-dûr, of course!) as Tolkien Reading Day. Why not take an hour or two for a Tolkien read-aloud session? You might delight current Tolkien fans—and attract new ones!

April Events

JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH—Know any local jazz aficionados? You could invite them to put on a “Jazz 101” workshop (including a live performance or maybe some hands-on experience with jazz instruments?) just in time for Jazz Appreciation Month.distracted


DISTRACTED DRIVING AWARENESS MONTH—April is also Distracted Driving Awareness Month. The National Safety Council provides some interesting videos, infographics, and other resources here. Although, drivers of all ages are guilty of distracted driving now and then, creating a teen event on the subject could be particularly powerful—especially with a guest speaker from your local police or fire department.


poetry_posterNATIONAL POETRY MONTH—Brought to you by the Academy of American Poets, National Poetry Month also takes place in April. Could be an opportunity to host regular, live poetry readings, hold poetry-writing workshops, or show would-be poets you library’s resources related to poetry contests and grants, along with this caveat. And here are 30 other ways to celebrate.

National Library Week takes place from April 12-18. This year’s theme is “Unlimited possibilities @ your library,” and the week itself features a few special days, including National Library Workers Day, National Bookmobile Day, and Celebrate Teen Literature Day.


APRIL MOVIE RELEASES“The Longest Ride,” based on the Nicholas Sparks book, will come to the big screen on Friday, April 10.

A movie adaptation of The Moon and the Sun by Vonda N. McIntyre is also set for release on Friday, April 10.

And, based on Tom Rob Smith’s novel, “Child 44” will be in theaters on Friday, April 17.


tree-338211_640NATIONAL ARBOR DAY—Odds are, there are some Master Gardeners (or Master Gardeners-in training) near you who are looking for speaking opportunities to help satisfy their volunteer hour requirements. You could invite them in to share tree-planting tips for Arbor Day which is April 24. (But why stop there? Seed-starting, composting, growing heirloom vegetables. . . the possibilities are endless! You could host a series of gardening-related events.)


booksHAPPY BIRTHDAY—We’ve got a lot of heavy hitters to work with for March and April. Arrange an author birthdays book display in their honor!

• Ralph Waldo Emerson—March 1, 1914
• John Irving—March 2, 1942
• Tom Wolfe—March 2, 1931
• John Updike—March 18, 1932
• Philip Roth—March 19, 1933
• James Patterson—March 22, 1947
• Lawrence Ferlinghetti— March 24, 1919
• Gloria Steinem—March 25, 1935
• Erica Jong—March 26, 1942
• Tennessee Williams—March 26, 1911
• Bob Woodward—March 26, 1943
• Gabriel Garcia Marquez—March 27, 1906
• Eric Idle—March 29, 1943
• Al Gore—March 31, 1948
• John Jakes—March 31, 1932

• Hans Christian Andersen—April 2, 1805
• Washington Irving—April 3, 1783
• Maya Angelou—April 4, 1928
• Kitty Kelley—April 4, 1942
• Daniel Ellsberg—April 7, 1931
• Barbara Kingsolver—April 8, 1955
• Paul Theroux—April 10, 1941
• Beverly Cleary—April 12, 1916
• Eudora Welty—April 13, 1909
• Charlotte Bronte—April 21, 1816
• William Shakespeare—April 23, 1564
• Michael Moore—April 23, 1954
• Sue Grafton—April 24, 1940
• Harper Lee—April 28, 1926
• Ian Rankin—April 28, 1960

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