Create THE Go-to Events Calendar with the Newest SignUp Widget

Posted by Claudia Hackworth, Susan M. Brackney

Whether the Red Cross is running a blood drive, the local senior center is offering free, drop-in tax advising, or the YMCA is throwing a fund-raiser gala, not every event can take place at the library. In fact, many libraries want to be at the center of community activities, but struggle to find a way to “compete” with all the other activities and calendars of events going on outside library doors.

Turns out, you can keep your library top of mind by using our newest SignUp widget to create the go-to community calendar filled not only with programs taking place inside the library, but also those events taking place everywhere else. If you do this well, your online community calendar can become a “one-stop-shop” for the public to bookmark and return to when looking for something to do.

event_submission_formHow It Works

When embedded into your library’s website, the new SignUp Community Event Form Widget enables outside groups like the Red Cross and other members of the public to tell you about the outside events they’re having. You have the opportunity to review the information submitted and you decide whether or not to help publicize their event on your community events calendar.

Todd Feece, Manager of Quality Assurance and Customer Support explained, “I, as a patron, can click on the widget and fill out the form—which mirrors what you would need, in order to fill out an event in SignUp—and then, when they hit ‘Submit,’ it sends to whoever you have designated as the recipient. So, that might be the library’s event programmer or maybe their community relations person.”

“This is a way for patrons to say, ‘Hey, we have this community event going on, we would like you to know about it, and we’d like it to be on your calendar.’ [The event listing] doesn’t go into SignUp automatically. You would still have to review it and enter it into SignUp, but the information collection form structures the email in a way that makes doing that a lot easier,” he added.

Todd said the new Signup widget also includes protection from spamming: “We’ve added in some bot protection. That means the bots that are out there [online] aren’t going to be able to spam them. It’s not anything that a human would see. It’s just hidden in the code. We just built in ways to confuse the bots.”

Getting Started

If you are a current SignUp customer, click here to learn more and to obtain the SignUp Community Event Form Widget code to be embedded within your website. You can also email Support with questions.

DEMO_ZONEDon’t have SignUp?

You can tour our “model home” demo site to see SignUp in action.

You can also call our Sales team at 888.331.0032 or email Sales to schedule a personalized SignUp demo.

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