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Over the past few weeks, we’ve done a little spring winter cleaning around here. That means tidying up our product training resources and documentation and taking a hard look at some of our Customer Support processes, too. It’s part of an ongoing, longterm commitment to improving the Evanced customer experience.

So far, we’ve cleaned up four different resources areas, so that they’re more helpful and easier to use. They include. . .



Better Search Functionality

So, as creepy as this sounds, we’ve been watching you. . . search. We’ve used website analytics tools to see how you search our site and what you look for. (Don’t worry, it’s legal!) We noticed that a lot of your searches are based around our Support/help articles, but that you weren’t always finding what you needed.

Here’s why: there was a real disconnect—literally!—between the Support documentation in our Knowledge Base and the content on our blog and other webpages. That meant the need to use two different search areas, depending on what you were looking for. (Ugh!)

But, thanks to a joint effort between Jay (our IT guy), Janice (our designer), you now only need one search bar to get results. Use it, and you’ll get technical articles from our Knowledge Base, as well as content from our blog and other webpages. Wahoo!


New Spaces Support Videos

We’ve created quite a few videos for our classic products, and we’re creating more Support videos for our newer software platforms now. The most recent additions relate to our Spaces room-booking product.

Now, if you are familiar with our older Support videos, you’ll likely notice some changes, when you see our new videos.

Averaging about three to four minutes, our older videos are quite long. They are also very linear and feature multiple subjects within each video. That’s fine, if you’re a first-time user, but what if you just want to know how to add a location and that’s it?! With the new videos, we think we’ve solved that issue.


The new Spaces training videos are super short, they stick to one topic at a time, and they get straight to the point. (By the way, for first-timers using the software who do want to see everything at once, we will also be stringing each of these videos together to create a longer guide video. So, be on the look out for that!)

Here are the titles for each of the new Spaces videos:

  • Adding a Location
  • Adding a Space
  • Adding Equipment to a Location
  • Adding Equipment to a Space
  • Setting Standard Hours
  • Setting Alternate Hours
  • Setting Hours Per Meeting Room
  • Adding Alternate Hours to a Space
  • Copying Location Hours to a Space

If you want to check all of them out, click here.

Support Page Facelift

To be honest, we’re not huge fans of our Knowledge Base. It can be clunky at times. (We’re exploring other options, as we speak!) But, in the meantime, we wanted to make accessing our technical articles and other product documentation easier.

So, Janice created some pages that overlay our Knowledge Base. to help filter information and present it in a more straightforward way.


As soon as you hit the Support page, you’ll see a product grid, which enables you to choose the specific product that you need help with. (Or, if you’d rather not select a specific product to focus on, you can simply scroll down a bit to jump right into the Knowledge Base, videos, or training Webinars.)


By clicking on just one of the products in the product grid on the Support page, you’ll be able to drill down to specific information about only that particular product.

For example, the SignUp product Support page is shown below. By clicking on the “Documentation,” “Product Videos,” and “Training Webinars” areas of the SignUp Support page, you’ll find only those resources related to SignUp. (We also feature the most popular documents, videos, and Webinars on each product-specific Support page for quick access.)





Phone a Friend

If you’ve called us recently during normal business hours, you may have heard a few new voices on the other end of the line. We’ve added some folks on the phones to help gather all the details our Support technicians might need before they begin investigating your specific issue.


So, that’s our Support resource update—for now! (Remember, this is only the beginning of what will be an ongoing Support resource revamp!) If you have any questions or suggestions, please add them in the “Comments” section below. We love hearing from you!

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