How Quickly Can You Finish This Weird Puzzle?

Posted by Susan M. Brackney

This was originally a contest, but the contest has since closed. Our winner comes from Webster Public Library in Webster, New York with a lighting-fast puzzle solve time of 8 minutes and 40 seconds. (Not bad at all, considering the average solve time of our contest entrants was 17 minutes and 9 seconds.)

But! You can still solve this odd, online puzzle on your own and keep track of your time just for fun.

Before you get going, check out the tips below.



Ready? Get Set. . .

The puzzle’s timer doesn’t start until you move the first piece. Simply click and drag individual pieces to move them around. (If you have your sound turned on, you’ll hear a satisfying CLICK! when the correct connections are made.)

If you don’t have time to complete the puzzle in one sitting, there is a pause button you can hit to stop the timer. When you are ready to play again, just hit the large play arrow, and you’re back in business.



110 Pieces

As is, the puzzle has 110 pieces in all, and that is how all of our contest entrants played it. But, by clicking on the “Play As” link in the top right corner of the puzzle, It is possible to change the number of pieces to make things harder or easier.




Optional Stuff You Might Want to Know About


Along the bottom left edge of the puzzle you’ll see four icons. Click the one on the far left, if you want to use a small image of the completed puzzle as a reference.

Click on the ghost’s head (second icon from the left), if you’d like to see a large, ghosted picture of the completed puzzle for reference. You can plop pieces directly onto the ghosted image, if you like. Clicking this icon a second time will hide the ghosted image.

The third icon from the left enables you to neatly arrange or jumble up the puzzle pieces.

The last icon in the row controls the puzzle settings. From here you can start the puzzle and timer over again, you can change the color of the background showing behind the puzzle pieces, you can go to the “Help” section, and you can access a “Settings” menu that enables you to change the opacity of your ghosted reference image.


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