We’d Like to Host Your Soapbox Rant! (And, Meanwhile, Have a Look at These…)

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This is the 15th issue of our newsletter, The Cat and Cardigan. (Wahoo!) And, after recently taking a step back to look at the data, one thing is abundantly clear. Our guest posts are on top, when it comes to traffic, reader comments, and your average time spent reading an article.

Of course, you’d rather hear from your peers than a library software vendor, right? Truth is, we’d rather hear from you than hear ourselves talk! That’s why, whenever we need a little inspiration to pass along to you, we look to forward-thinking librarians and their staffers. And each time we look at someone else’s processes, it always shakes a new idea loose for us.

The same thing applies to something like programming at a library. When you hear how someone else does a pub crawl to raise funds for literacy, we think that is sure to spark a new idea for you. (That’s our hope at least!)

So, we want to hear from you. Become one of our guest columnists, so that your peers can steal your great ideas! Wait, that doesn’t sound right… Become one of our guest columnists, so that you can help your peers implement great ideas at their own libraries. Yeah, that’s better. 😉

Or become a guest columnist, because you’ve got something to get off your chest. Feel strongly about a certain library-related topic? We’re looking for folks to express those here, too. (For instance, when folks say, “We don’t need libraries anymore,” what’s your counterpoint? We would love to share it with our readers.)

That’s just one of the hot topics we found on Reddit—and it spawned quite a response from multiple librarians. There were plenty of other topics, too, that we thought you might find of interest.



Reaching patrons that don’t use Facebook? (22 comments)
Using QR codes in the library? (30 comments)
How can libraries attract 20-somethings? (50 comments)



Libraries are the new homeless shelters (23 comments)
Generation gap in the library profession. What’s your experience? (34 comments)

Will They Be Around


Will pubic libraries become extinct? (17 comments)
Is anyone else sick of this crap? This is what librarians look like. (19 comments)

Worst Patron


Who was your worst patron ever? (48 comments)

Anyway, these were some of the heavy hitters on Reddit for the number and length of comments. Again, we’d love to start a conversation here, if you want to write on any of the topics above—or on anything else, for that matter! Here are some guest columnist details.

Whether you want to hop on your soapbox or you’ve simply found a more streamlined way to do aspects of your job that could help other libraries, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch with us at hello@evancedsolutions.com with your ideas.

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