You Can Make Recurring Reservations in Spaces Now

Posted by Susan M. Brackney

Tired but glowing, our software developers look like proud parents newly emerging from the maternity ward. That’s because they’ve just completed the recurring reservations feature in Spaces. (Yay!)

That means that, from the staff-facing side, our Spaces customers can make one reservation request that applies to multiple sessions. (For example, you could now request every single Tuesday for a month. Or every other Friday. Or the first Monday of the month. Or. . . well, you get the idea.)

Creating a recurring reservation looks like this in the staff-side interface:


Remember, we are having Boot Camp sessions on Spaces and SignUp, if you want more information, have burning questions, or would like to compare notes with other libraries. You can see and register for our current Spaces Boot Camps here. (Looks like the next session is Friday, September 5th, in case you’re curious.)

Finally, if you are a current Room Reserve and/or Events customer wondering when might be the right time to migrate to Spaces and SignUp, this migration guide should help.


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