The Results Are In—And We’ve Got Work to Do

Posted by Susan M. Brackney

First things first. We want to thank all of the current Evanced customers who took time out to respond to our recent Customer Satisfaction Survey. The time and care you took in answering our questions blew us away. Thank you!

By sending out the survey, we wanted to find out how our current customers think we’re doing and what we could do to improve their experiences with us. While many professed love for our products and people (thanks!) it’s clear that we’ve let some folks down. Here’s what they had to say—the good, the bad, and the ugly—and what we’re doing to improve.

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Survey Respondents

Over 800 current Evanced customers submitted surveys to us. Of those, 92% were from public libraries, 2.6% worked in academic libraries, and 5.4% fell into the “other” category. From less than 10,000 to three million or more, library service population sizes ranged widely, but just over 30% of respondents worked in libraries serving populations between 10,000 and 40,000 people.

Nearly half of survey respondents indicated that they have been Evanced customers for over four years, 27.8% have been customers between two and four years, and the remainder have been with us less than two years. Considering the high number of long-term customers who completed the survey, it makes sense that they reported having the most experience with our older Summer Reader, Events, and Room Reserve products. But our newer software programs—SignUp, Spaces, D!BS, and Wandoo Reader—were also represented, albeit to a lesser degree.


Classic V. New Products

Our classic Events, Room Reserve, and Summer Reader products are each very robust and highly customizable, but that can make them seem complicated, too. (As one long-time customer described, “Bit of a learning curve, but once you have it set up, it is wonderful!”)

Customers who are still using our classic products are doing so for a variety of reasons. Some simply don’t know that our newer products are available. Others think they can’t afford them: “I would just like my library to upgrade from Room Reserve. Unfortunately, I’m not the one with the checkbook.”

But SignUp, Spaces, D!BS, and Wandoo Reader have been built on completely new and updated software platforms; what’s more, current Events customers may switch to SignUp for free, and current Room Reserve customers may switch to Spaces for free. Each of these new products has a more modern, streamlined look and feel—something several classic customers indicated they would like to see in Events, Room Reserve, and Summer Reader—and they are easier to set up.

In some instances, however, classic customers are waiting for a specific product feature that is still in development or for more general feature parity between the older software and our new products. Others have been patiently waiting for our dual migration tool to be completed. It is in development and is expected to be available Q1 2015.


Specific Product Features

Many of our survey respondents shared suggestions for new product features. We greatly value feedback from our real-world users, and any suggestions related to our new suite of products, including SignUp, Spaces, D!BS, and Wandoo Reader, have been passed to our Product Development Team for consideration. (Please note that, aside from necessary security updates, we are no longer adding new enhancements to our classic Events, Room Reserve, or Summer Reader products.)

Have a feature suggestion for one of our new products you’d like to share? Visit the corresponding links below, to add your ideas, see what others have requested, and “like” or “dislike” any new feature suggestions about which you feel strongly.

For new feature ideas for SignUp
For new feature ideas for Spaces
For new feature ideas for D!BS

Also, because one survey respondent noted, “We suggest improvements all the time but seems like they don’t raise to the top,” we wanted to be sure to offer some insight into our feature selection process. We carefully weigh all of the ideas that come in to us, and our Product Development Team works hard to strike a balance between making general enhancements to the new products and choosing to work on specific product features that users of our classic products wish to see in the new products.


Training and Product Documentation

Some of our survey respondents mentioned our available product training and online documentation. Because there are many different learning styles, we offer training videos, technical articles, and live Webinars—but, admittedly, these resources aren’t always so easy to find.

We have made some recent improvements to our Knowledge Base, but there is still much more work to do. We are performing a full audit of our training videos, as well as our Knowledge Base articles, and we will be updating existing items and adding new content throughout the coming weeks and months. (Are there specific articles you’d like to see? Let us know.)

And, although these free sessions are typically geared toward new customers, we encourage any Evanced customer who might need a refresher to attend one of our available training Webinars. Check out our upcoming sessions here.


Customer Support

Finally, Customer Support loomed large for many of our survey respondents. One customer noted, “Evanced people go ‘out of their way’ to help you with anything you need. Everyone I have spoken with is wonderful.” Another said, “I really appreciated how the tech support staff responded to my numerous questions. They explained things in a way that was easy to follow.”

But this hasn’t been the case for everyone: “The support staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly—but have become very, very slow to respond. I used to get answers in a couple hours, now it’s at least a day if not longer.”

Our Support caseload has increased dramatically over the last few months, as we help increasing numbers of our classic customers transition to our new software and as we work to support all of the new products we’ve added to our portfolio. Without a doubt, this has been a “perfect storm” that has impacted our Customer Support response times. Some of our customers have suffered, as a result, and for that, we are truly sorry.

In truth, it has been a challenge to figure out the best processes to manage our increased Support caseload. But it’s clear we need to improve in this area—and pronto! We are seeking additional Customer Support Specialists, and, in the coming weeks, we will be putting some new measures in place to improve the overall customer experience. Some of these measures may include performing random follow-ups on closed Support cases, adding call-intake help, and overhauling our online Support pages. Watch this space for details!

Update: We’ve added some new Customer Support resources. Take a look.

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